Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Is Ponnambalam In Trouble?!

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Tonight’s Bigg Boss Tamil episode is all set to get controversial so grab some popcorn while you’re at it! The promos show that there’s going to be some conflict between the girls of the house and Ponnambalam. It is indicated that he might have used some unparliamentary words towards a female contestant, with all the other women on the show getting riled up. This, of course, comes from Vaishnavi narrating what happened.

Ramya NSK questions if Ponnambalam would use such a language with his daughter, while Mumtaz takes it upon herself to talk to him about it. The promo shows that it will get a little intense there on.

And while things get heated there, Mamathi is on focus again. A luxury budget task results in the women of the house performing various domestic duties such as fanning the male contestants, feeding them et al. And while Mumtaz isn’t happy with it as it goes beyond her comfort level, Mahat appears to not be too fond of what Mamathi has been doing and advises Daniel Annie Pope to take charge of the situation as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, there are some funny moments too thanks to the funloving Sendrayan. He keeps it chill and he wants to learn English, considering how Kamal Haasan, too, took his case last weekend. While Vaishnavi teaches him a few words in English, Sendrayan is eager to learn and guarantees a few laughs in tonight’s episode.

Apart from that, one simply has to wait and watch what it’s like to have Nithya as the captain this week.

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