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Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Injustice and Miscommunication Rattles The House!

Check out the highlights here!

The episode begins with a fight in the morning, more of a miscommunication really. Sendrayan apologises to the camera about why he shouldn’t have been too rude to Balajie. He tries to talk about it with Vaishnavi, who is the captain this week but Ananth Vaidyanath’s timely intervention ends the issue.

Rhythvika, a rather silent person in the house, tears up while Yashika starts talking about her parents. Rhythvika misses her family and she starts tearing up with many consoling her. Mumtaz clearly is the mother hen here and she comes to console her. It’s these small heartwarming moments in Bigg Boss Tamil that takes this show to a more civil level.

The housemates are then told to perform their next task which has something to do with water tank and storing water, stopping water from leaking using your fingers. This brings some contestants together, especially with the focus being on Balajie and Nithya and them being nice to each other, considering how awful it was last week for them.

Cooking team and the contestants appear to be having some tiff, but nothing too outrageous for it to grab all the eyeballs. RJ Vaishnavi is the captain this week and not everybody is too keen about it. Shaarik clearly isn’t buying her words, and he calls her out on it but she continues to say whatever she thinks is right.

The show ends with actual rains, making it all the more difficult for the contestants to perform their tasks.

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