Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Day One Kicks Off With A Bang!

Check out who are nominated for eliminations!

Now that Bigg Boss season 2 has started, people are back to switching on their televisions and watching it with family during dinner time. The 16 contestants this time are a mixed bunch but there’s a lot to look forward to. The first day highlights are the contestants spending time and getting to know each other.

Nithya, the estranged wife of Balajhie and an NGO worker, opened up about her marriage to Ananth Vaidyanathan. She spoke about how it has been a roller coaster ride for her and how she isn’t in good terms with Balajhie, and that she began the NGO work in a way to help other women who have faced the same.

Vaishnavi, an RJ and journalist Sa. Viswanathan’s granddaughter, spoke about cleaning and keeping toilets dry, something that took us back to what Namitha said last season.

Janani Iyer ended up becoming captain and assigned duties to the contestants, with Mumtaz in charge of cooking, Sendaryan in charge of bathroom cleaning. Her leadership qualities were in sync considering she asked and listened to everybody’s grievances.

Finally, voting began for eliminations. The collective opinion was that Ananth is too reserved and high on his horse, choosing to not partake in conversations. Mumtaz is also nominated, with most having the opinion that she’s too dominating and rude. Rhythvika is also nominated with those voting for her saying that she keeps to herself and doesn’t mingle around. And Nithya has been nominated as the collective opinion is that she doesn’t exactly fit in here.

The show will pick up where it left off at 9PM again today.

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