Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Contestants Pour Out Their Feelings!

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It’s Day 18 at the Bigg Boss Tamil house and the inmates have successfully completed their ‘Save Water’ task and for that, they get Maggi packets to indulge in. Who doesn’t love a good old bowl of hot Maggi? Some nice comfort food after all. And while they are happily get those noodles after all those days of eating insipid food, the joy on their face is priceless.

Aishwarya Dutta expresses the issues she has over being a part of the cooking team, with chopping vegetables being difficult for her. Balajie and her argue briefly with Daniel chiming in, but the matter is far from solved.

Meanwhile, the team ration in on the stuff they need to buy for the week. And as usual, another argument surfaces over kothu kari and mutton curry.

The other task has contestants speaking about the people they love, and it gets emotionally draining. Nithya begins, starts talking about Poshika, her daughter. She stars breaking down, and explains that she shares a lovely relationship with her daughter and how they are more of friends than mother-daughter. She also talks about how she’s been playing the role of mother and father to her daughter.

Sendrayan misses his wife and talks about how he misses her even more now and how he realises that he had been taking her for granted but understands it all now. He also misses his father, and this whole task seems super cathartic to everyone, tearing up more than usual.

Janani Iyer expresses her love to her family. She explains that she learnt how to be independent from them and how she’s surviving without them in the game. The task includes giving a heart to a loved one, so she gives it to her mother.

Aishwarya Dutta misses her mother, someone she hasn’t seen in nine months. She feels that she ought to video call her more oftn but isn’t able to find time. She also dedicates the heart to her friends and says that she’s found a lot of love in the Bigg Boss house.

Mahat misses his girlfriend, Prachi, and expresses it. He also misses his parents, sister, and friends. He dedicates the heart to his elder sister and adds that without her, he’s nothing.

Vaishnavi opens up about how she’s always been perceived as a cold person, but she starts talking about her parents. She talks about her father and how he, at the age of 75, he does all the daily activities without fail. This leaves everybody else in tears, including Rithvika to bawl her eyes out.

Mumtaz talks about her mother, who brought her up without a father. Her brother, too, was someone who always was there for her.

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