Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Contestants Nominated, Fights End Up In Tears, And A New Captain!

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Bigg Boss Tamil‘s second season is now on its second week, with contestants getting familiar with each other and slowly losing inhibitions while interacting. Moreover, this has also paved way for survival strategies coming into play and backbiting comments made at each other.

Monday’s episode was far from uneventful. Nithya is the new captain and people have mixed opinions about it. While Janani is feeling a little vexed about her captaincy coming to an end, Nithya thinks this new post will redeem her of all the bad things that happened to her last week. She has been regarded as a target by many and it translated into a minor fight that broke out late evening. Nithya, while having her meal with estranged husband Balajie and Sendrayan, was seen crying with Ramya NSK consoling her. Can’t really blame her when everybody in the show has been trying to fix their marriage, something she doesn’t really want.

And if that didn’t stop, she had a brief altercation with Mamathi. Something to do with a table and things kept on it, Nithya and Mamathi raised their voice with Mumtaz intervening and picking Mamathi’s side, unsurprisingly.

Mahat spoke about love and the withdrawal symptoms he has been facing from work, home, and people. And while Vaishnavi understood where he’s coming from, it would appear that she has been spewing vitriol about some of the contestants. Something might happen later if her words are taken for face value.

Meanwhile, this week there will definitely be an elimination round. Four contestants have been nominated. Ananth Vaidyanathan has been nominated again. So is Mumtaz, someone who is regarded as a very dominating person. Mamathi has been nominated, with many thinking her behaviour is too fake. And Ponnambalam has been nominated although his nomination is a bit surprising.

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