Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Aishwarya Dutta Takes Up Queen Duties Serious; Dumps Garbage on Balajhie!!


Bigg Boss Tamil 2 is now so full of fights and ill games being played, that it’s become an inhospitable environment now. Even evicted contestants like Ramya NSK and Ananth Vaidyanathan have attested to this fact. However, Tuesday night’s episode was anything but normal, where tempers flared and things actually got to a point where violence would have been expected.

The episode began with Sendrayan and Yashika being saved as they did well in their task. However, it also began with nominating people for elimination and doing it in front of everybody. The contestants nominated each other by taking a picture of the contestants and shredding it in front of them.

So this week, Ponnambalam, Mumtaz, Mahat, Riythvika, Balaji, and Sharik have been nominated. The episode also had a new dictator, aka queen, in the house. Aishwarya Dutta was nominated with Daniel being an assistant aka commander of sorts and Janani as an advisor aka ministers of sorts. The three were taken to the secret room where they all heard what everybody had to say about them. Balajie, in particular, said a lot of ill things about her which infuriated her.

The promos proved right this time, where in Balajie had trash dumped on him by the Queen and this left everybody rattled, including Mumtaz who ended up breaking down with the tempers flaring. While she was advised to keep it civil, Aishwarya went on a roll playing around her dictatorship role quite seriously. She further went on to dump things into the swimming pool, all of the items that belong to Ponnambalam, Sharik and Riythvika.

Things didn’t subside later, with her vowing to teach Balajie a lesson because of the kind of language he uses. Right now, she doesn’t care about her place in the house or if she’s up for nomination or not, she has only revenge in her mind.

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