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Bigg Boss Producer Reveals The Most Shocking Information About TN’s Favourite Oviya!

This is truly shocking!

Oviya became a hot favourite ever since she proved her mettle with the popular reality show Bigg Boss. Ever since she won the hearts of a million, she has garnered a huge number of the fanbase and that has helped her sign various films as well. In a recent interview with Behindwoods, the reality show’s producer Rose Merlin had a lot to talk about!

In the conversation, she spoke about the different crazy things that Oviya did during the show and how they captured it. She also talked about a lot of other factors like Kamal Haasan, Aarav’s victory and a lot more. Read further to know one of the most exciting incidents about Oviya!

Oviya has done a lot of crazy things in the house. One night, at around 1:30 – 2 am, she woke up and came to the garden area. She didn’t obviously know the time, but we knew it. There was some strong wind that was blowing. It was too heavy. We were wondering what she was doing at that time, and we were focusing on the camera.

She came and started randomly talking looking at the camera and asking us if we are the ones who are doing it. She asked if we are trying to scare her with ghosts. We were deeply watching her and keeping shots for her, thinking who she is conversing with. She then said she wants to talk to the ghost and asked the production to switch the lights off. None of us did anything at all, but suddenly the lights went off for a second and came back on.

We freaked out; I asked the lights in charge if they did anything and they said no. I got angry for a second, but it was not us. At that time I was just thinking how brave Oviya was. Exactly within a few seconds, the light came back on, and we saw that Oviya ran back to her bed.”

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