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Bigg Boss: New Contestant Harish Kalyan Is Everything Cute And These Pictures Are Proof!

He’s cute!

They really thought the entry of Bindhu Madhavi would change the strong game, didn’t they? However, it is just not working anymore and we, as the audience can see it. The reality game Bigg Boss that once caught the attention of Millions of eyes has drastically dropped down like never before.

Earlier, weekends used to excite everyone and fortunately, it still does. This is because Kamal’s way of hosting is just spot on and the way he deals with the House’s contestants is still brilliant.

The writers are also starting to lose ideas of tasks. These new ways of nominating a person are absolutely boring and none have a valid reason. These weird nomination tricks do not give an awesome “confession room” feel.

Washing tasks, ironing tasks and fighting for the sake of fighting is now clearly visible and floating above.

Kamal has informed that there will be new entries and I wasn’t sure how far that’s going to gain the audience’s attention. Rightly, it did not too!

It had not even been a day after Suja Varunee made her entry into the Bigg Boss House with a bang that the team decided to have another entry the next day:

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