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Bigg Boss: Julie’s Acceptance Of Her Mistake Was Unnecessary And Useless!

This is why!

Written by Radhika Ramesh

I have begun watching Bigg Boss these days to make sure I analyse the characters and try to tally between various reasons to understand why they behave in a certain way every day. Saturday’s episode was just mind blowing with some brilliant lessons-to-learn talks from Kamal. Remember when he said, “Mistakes have to be accepted with a full heart. If not, it is as good as not accepting it.” It turned out to be quite true on Sunday’s episode.

Julie after Saturday was shaken, she screamed, cried, blamed Kamal, blamed the audience for a mistake she committed. What shocked me was, a Gayathri who is very particular about verbally torturing someone who is either a stronger contestant than her, gossips about her or doesn’t abide by her rules in the house. However yesterday was different, she forgave Julie that spoke ill of them behind their backs.

The reason is very simple – anyone against Oviya (even if that person insults her and demeans her self-respect) is a friend of Gayathri no matter what. Right now, Oviya has a mass support from the people outside the House and Gayathri has none which has already hit her ego extremely hard. While she hasn’t digested that part of it yet, Julie talking about her is no big deal for her for now. She knows that if she goes against Julie, she will be chosen for nomination ultimately leading to eviction.

She also knows that she has no people’s support.

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