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Bigg Boss: It Took Just One Week For Vijay Television To Defame Oviya!

Totally unfair!

Respected Vijay TV,

Bigg Boss is getting bigger as the days go by because of its audience appeal. However, it is slowly starting to bother me now and although I might develop a late realization, I feel that characters that are bad stay bad no matter what. Yesterday’s episode started off on a rather happy note and ended unpleasantly. Initially, it started with one imitating the other and that looked like some fun. It also looked like everyone was getting along amidst all the tension that was existing between the housemates.

It all began when Oviya sported the role of Raiza and apparently spoke about personal things which involved Raiza’s private life and much more. What surprised me was, why was Raiza so shocked about something she already spoke? I remember watching one of the weekday episodes when Julie and Raiza were having a conversation in the girl’s room. That’s when Raiza made statements about her private life, boyfriend and partying. Hence, that is definitely not the first time the audience is hearing about it as Ganesh said. Everything says and does is always recorded.

Yes, Oviya should have apologized. However, was it necessary for everyone to go against her in just a second? So everyone decides to vote against oviya for that? Well, Raiza wasn’t on her best behaviour the entire week. She along with Julie created hate songs. Was that not wrong? Why is no one nominating them for it?

Aarav had made fun of Gayathri’s misunderstanding about her Calcium deficiency. If Raiza’s was private, so was Gayathri’s. If that was recorded, so was this.

The drama Raiza created last evening was so uncalled for and unnecessary that it almost made me want to switch the television off. Her dramatic nuisance made Gayathri and the others bad mouth Oviya once again and everything has fallen down to square one. It wasn’t easy for someone as amazing as Oviya to go apologize to people like Gayathri and make her realize that Oviya is as much a part of this family.

Leave aside these but have you wondered about something? The Oviya that started to enjoy her Bigg Boss stay immediately went back to a phase where she was being triggered by everyone around especially Julie and Raiza. A girl who has never changed herself has to go through changes shown by other people’s characteristics. If she trusts a person one week, she is back stabbed by them the next week.

As shocking as it sounds, the girl who slowly started to believe and trust was again pushed to insecurity and anxiety yesterday.

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