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Bigg Boss: Here’s Why The Character Traits Of Julie, Namitha, Raiza And Gayathri Are Harmful To The Society!

Society and family are different.

Written by Radhika Ramesh

It’s been 25 days since Bigg Boss Tamil hit the screens and ever since my social media feeds have been filled with various opinions from almost every friend of mine and their friends as well. Honestly agreeing, I have also been binge watching the show initially for Kamal and now for Oviya. This initially began as a craving for entertainment for me. However, I started to develop some sort of mixed emotions watching this every day.

I reminded myself that this is just entertainment and there are chances of this entire reality show being staged too. However, every individual’s character disturbed me on another level. Now, let’s stop looking at Bigg Boss as a reality television show and look at it as the society. A society that has different characters that keep judging each other due to their own personal low- self-confidence about themselves or over confidence.


A character like Gayathri that is bossy, has an over-the-limits superiority complex, wants to dominate everyone because she considers herself to be the most honest, righteous and overconfident about her being. Gayathri can never empathize with people around her but herself.

She annoys her mates, makes them feel horrible about themselves until they agree to what she says and makes them bow down to her. There hasn’t been a day where Gayathri has spoken high of someone. She is confined to a group that listens to whatever she says and supports her in every aspect.

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