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Bigg Boss: Has The Oviya Legacy Come To An End?

We always love you, Oviya!

Literally, everything has been stalled after yesterday’s episode. Before anyone points out saying it’s mere entertainment, I know it is. However, something disturbed me deep inside – something more disturbing than Bharani’s act. Before You judge the content of this opinion piece by its headline, read it completely. Yesterday’s episode saw a lot of drama apart from the very weird task given by Bigg Boss which decided to make fun of mental illness. But what disturbed me the most deep within was Oviya’s anxiety.

I remember this happy-go-lucky chic, who lived life to her fullest, danced all her way through the morning, didn’t give a heck attitude and most of all was considered to be a woman of class. From that 21st century woman with a carefree attitude to a woman who is dependent on a man and is clingy to him, she has definitely come a long way. However, if you closely notice, you will only sympathize and some of you may even empathize with her.

She has been disturbed, her stability shattered. I still remember the day when we saw her cry for the first time in front of the camera in the confession room. I knew that the day she broke down was the D-Day for her. We all know very well that Aarav had earlier mentioned that he wasn’t interested in her and she agreed to it as well.

As and when the other housemates started cornering her once again, after the red carpet fiasco with Julie, Oviya got more clingy to Aarav as he was the only one supporting her. She needn’t have gone and laid down next to him when he clearly said he doesn’t want it and isn’t comfortable with it. Had it happened to a woman in Aarav’s place, the situation would have been different.

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