Bigg Boss 5 Contestant Namitha Posts First Video On Social Media Post Exit!

Watch the videos below!

Namitha Marimuthu was the first ever transgender participant in Bigg Boss Tamil. She gained a lot of support when she entered the house and also when she shared her story in the ‘Oru Kadha Sollata’ task. Her story was really heart-wrenching and made both the contestants and the audience very emotional. 

However, in the first weekend episode with Kamal Haasan, Bigg Boss announced that Namitha had to exit the house. Both the contestants and Kamal Haasan were informed about this by Bigg Boss but the reason why she had to leave was not mentioned. As soon as she exited the house, reports said that she had to leave owing to health issues.

Recent speculations are that she left due to complications arising from her depression. Apparently, she was under rest for more than a week. Now, she has finally made her comeback on social media with videos of her helping the roadside dwellers. In a video that she posted on her Instagram, she is seen distributing water bottles and food packets to roadside dwellers while wearing a visor and a mask following COVID protocols. In one part of the video, she is also seen feeding a stray dog, where she opens the food packet and leaves some food for the dog on the cover of the packet. 


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In another video, she is seen distributing clothes to small children on the road and actually helping them wear those clothes. These gestures have made fans applaud for her. Fans are also expecting her to be reintroduced into the Bigg Boss house so that they can get to know her more. 

Bigg Boss 5 has started gaining pace with its very first eviction this Sunday. Model Nadia Chang was evicted from the house this week. Meanwhile, yesterday, the second Captaincy task took place. After a lot of arguments between the contestants, Ciby was selected as the captain of the house. Looking forward for the following week’s entertainment! 

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