Bigg Boss 5 Contestant Namitha Marimuthu Moves Us With Her Hard Struggles And Life Story!

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It is just Day 4 in the BiggBoss Tamil 5 house and there has already been a huge rollercoaster of emotions for both the contestants and the audience. For the past 3 days, the contestants have been sharing their lives’ struggles and difficulties to reach the position at which they are today in the task ‘Oru Kadhai Sollatuma’. 

On day 3, Suruthi Jayadevan opened up about the difficulties she faced because of her dark skin colour. For the first time this season, the BiggBoss house has 18 contestants instead of the usual 16. The contestants have been sharing their respective life struggles and stories in this task for the ast 3 days. 

In yesterday’s episode, Namitha Marimuthu, the first transgender contestant in the Bigg boss house opened up about the ordeals a transgender faces in society when they realise how they want to identify themselves. She started by narrating how she was pampered by her parents as a child being the apple of their eye and then how she was not accepted after she started identifying herself as a transgender. 

She said, “My mom taught me to accept everyone for who they are, but when I came out as Transgender, all I received from my parents were hatred. We have changed but society has to change its view on us.” She also said that her parents have raised their hands on her everytime she confessed that she wanted to dress up like a girl or wear sarees. 

Before she turned 18 years, her parents admitted her in a Psychiatric hospital after she openly identified herself as a transgender. She also said that when she left her house after she turned 18 years, she was again kidnapped and admitted to such a ward, where she was locked in one room for 3 months and was only provided with essentials. “All of them around me in a Rehabilitation centre were under psychotic treatment,” she said. 

She narrated her entire life’s story with a lot of difficulty and eyes full of tears. The contestants also found it really difficult to control their tears as the struggles she faced were very difficult. “People say that we live in unity and harmony in this country. But, many people do not accept transgenders in society. They do not get any meaningful jobs and opportunities. They survive by begging. The reason behind this is that we are not treated as normal human beings,” she said.

Namitha Marimuthu has represented India and won the Miss Trans Star International 2020, a beauty pageant for transgender women. She is a model and debuted as both an actress and playback singer in the Kollywood movie Nadodigal 2 directed by Samuthirakani. She also participated in Miss Chennai, Miss Pondicherry, Miss Tamil Nadu, and Miss India in Trans Category. In the premiere episode, Namitha had said she was participating in Bigg Boss Tamil on behalf of her community. 

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