Bigg Boss 1 Highlights: When The Red Carpet Fiasco Turned Into An Ugly Fight Between Julie And Oviya!

Last season had the most epic and nastiest fights between contestants!

It’s been a year since Bigg Boss Tamil and the second season is all set to come back! The second season of the reality show returns on June 17, 2018 with actor-politician Kamal Haasan making his comeback as the show’s much-loved host. Now that we are excited to watch contestants battle it out under the same roof for the coveted prize money, we take a trip down memory lane presenting some highlights from the past season.

While Oviya emerged as the undisputed queen in the show, there were several times when people went against her. In the Bigg Boss house, she made a lot of enemies but one can never forget the epic fight she had with fellow contestant Julie.

It all began with a task. Divided into two teams, they had a prepare a dish which was to be judged by Julie, the participant known for being one of the loudest voices during the Jalikattu protest. Having judged the food, the losers had to become her servants. One a cook, one a masseuse, one an assistant of sorts. As childish as it sounds, Oviya was given perhaps the most embarrassing of all – pulling out a red carpet each time Julie walked.

While we all know it wasn’t fair, it is the Bigg Boss house after all and everyone is pushed to do things they would never fathom doing. It got ugly when Oviya pulled the carpet a little too harsh and Julie fell, crying her heart out. Accusations flew with many going against Oviya – “did she do it on purpose?” many asked. People lost their temper and Oviya didn’t hold herself back. This also had the audience wonder if Oviya did it on purpose, considering she and Julie had been at loggerheads for some time.

But this did come to an end with the two making up. All’s well that end’s well, perhaps. In hindsight, while both of them became popular in their ways after the show, this highlight was hyped more than unnecessary as there were clearly a lot of other controversies that escalated from the reality show.

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