Bigg Bos Tamil 3: Meera Mithun Opens Up About Cheran Calling Her “Karuppu”!

Meera Mithun makes shocking revelations!

Meera Mithun has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss but for her from the very first day, Meera faced a lot of flak from the rest of her fellow contestants. She got into multiple controversies while in the House and did not basically make a lot of friends too. However, her relationship with director Cheran was the most talked about.



They never got along for many reasons and were always seen fighting with one another. In a recent interview with the eliminated contestant, Meera Mithun opened up about her tiff with director Cheran. She stated, “I can only say what I felt. Everything cannot be captured on the camera but I never said that it was a bad touch. All I said was he did manhandle me. That could be due to various reasons, his light push could have been strong to me or I would have felt weaker at that point of time. I never said it was intentional of him to touch me that way or push me that way.”

She further added, “You are dark-skinned and that is why girls wouldn’t mingle with you is what he told me once. Initially, I did not understand this opinion of his. He also told me his daughter is dark-skinned and that’s why people wouldn’t touch her. But, I told him that that is not true and the environment is very different today.”

She further added that Cheran would repeat the fact that she has an inferiority complex. But, I would constantly inform him that I always feel blessed and confident.

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