Bangaloreans And Chennaites Are Wondering Why Their States Are Fighting!

Request for peace!

General public in Bengaluru and Chennai cannot comprehend why there is utter chaos over the Cauvery issue. The Supreme Court ordered Karnataka to release water from the Cauvery river, that Tamil Nadu has been asking for years. Karnataka government had no choice but to obey the highest court of India’s order and released water to Tamil Nadu. Now, life in Bengaluru has come to a standstill due to a complete bandh in the city. 45 buses belonging to a Tamil businessman has been burnt in Bengaluru and the situation is tense across South India.

Social media however is asking for peace between the two states and to find a solution to the issue without any violence. Youth in Bengaluru and Chennai are utterly surprised over the situation. Chennaites are tweeting and taking to Facebook to tell their friends to stay safe while their states fight it out. Here are some of the reactions that are thought proving and also ironical!


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