At Home with Saranya Ponvannan video to touch a Million Views!

Watch the most beloved Reel-Mom!

The South Indian cinema industry, when in need of a loving, doting mother doesn’t look beyond Saranya Ponvannan. Although there are many movie mothers, she has been the first choice for directors when in need of an innocent and friendly on-screen mother. 

She took a long hiatus from cinema to focus on her family. The doe-eyed demure diva that we knew then made a comeback like no other actor of her age. In an industry where actors often are in denial of their age, unwilling to try out older roles, Saranya had no qualms playing her age or sometimes even older.  She struck all the right chords by playing her real-life motherhood to her strength.

Now, the industry and fans alike look no further beyond her for a loving, doting mother. Moving away from the quintessential tear-stricken and sacrificial amma roles, she breathed new life into the characters and completely changed the dynamics of the mother-son relationship in cinema.

Here she is, at home, wherein she speaks exclusively about her personal life as a real mother and in a casual conversation with jfw.

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