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As 7-Year-Old Chennai Girl Hasini’s Murderer Is Out Happy, Her Father Says He Will Fight Till The End!

Will Hasini ever rest in peace?


The distraught father, who reached Chennai on Wednesday night, insists that in spite of the setback, he holds on to his belief in the justice system.

“What is the message that the High Court is giving? Many people told me not to pursue a legal battle, but I believed in justice. I am unable to answer all those people who never trusted the legal system. The message from the court is that we can murder, we can do anything, but we can get bail. Even now I believe in the system. I will fight, my child won’t come back,“ he said.

“He is a hardened criminal and clearly letting him out like this is a danger to the society. What if he does something to other children? The court has to think about this case from a humanitarian point of view. A threat to society has been unleashed on the order of the courts,” says Rajesh, alarmed.

He was also upset that well known senior lawyer B Kumar, who had appeared for many high profile clients like Jayalalithaa, was the Dhasvanth’s lawyer.

“B Kumar is such a big lawyer; he has come to argue on behalf of him. I was surprised. But I will fight. Whoever comes, let B Kumar come, let anyone come; even if High Court goes against me, I will fight. And if I fail, it doesn’t mean it’s my failure, it’s the system’s failure,” he said.

Source: The News Minute


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