“Arrogant Girls Deserve To Be Killed,” This Comment Shows What’s Wrong With Our Society!

Check how some people reacted to Swathi’s murder case :(

No, it’s not just a about a troll or one ‘silly’ dumb comment. Remember, you only need ONE person to take a life and that’s why it’s important to highlight these ridiculous views. Swathi’s murder has not only highlighted how sick and criminal some minds are but also what’s wrong with the society today.

This Mr. Something ( we wish we didn’t have to blur his name) actually had the guts to write a comment like this on social media. We, of course reported the incident but there are millions everyday who think they’re keyboard warriors and they hide behind that computer screen. Murder is a horrendous crime and let’s just say these reactions add to the irony.

What’s worse in a situation like this is that many among us connect a rape, murder and many other crimes towards women, to ‘her character’, religion and the newest generation! That’s not how this needs to be dealt with! We would like to condemn these views and sadly there’s a lot of work to be done by each one of us in the society! Some people here blame the girl, some blame the movies, the list goes on! Check out some of these which unfortunately grabbed our attention for wrong reasons, and kudos to the ones who stand against such comments!


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A girl or a boy, both have a choice to choose whether they want to be with someone or not! What’s proven here is that there was a murder and was she responsible for being the victim? No! There’s no argument on how a victim is responsible for rape or murder! What do you think? Let us know in the comments section of our Facebook page!

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