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Andhra Pradesh: Girl Disguises As A Man And Marries 3 Women!

That’s quite bizarre!

*Image: Behindwoods

Amidst every bizarre news that comes our way, this easily tops the list. In a shocking incident, a minor woman dressed up as a boy to marry three women and cheat on them. B. Ramadevi, who comes from Itika-lapadu village in Kasi-Nayana mandal, worked in a private spinning mill in Tamil Nadu.  She would always dress like a boy, get friendly with women and marry them.

Nisha*, a 17-year-old woman, got friendly with Ramadev. The friendship turned into love and they were married two months ago. It took Rambha two months to discover that she had married a girl. She told her parents who went to the police, the Deccan Chronicle reported.

Rambha told the police she had been cheated by Ramadevi who acted as a boy. The police have discovered that Ramadevi was married twice before, also to girls – a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old. Police said both girls have been sent for examination as their mental condition wasn’t stable.

*Name changed

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