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Amala Paul Finally Opens Up About Her Divorce, Says She Still Loves Vijay!

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Amala says that one should not get married in their early 20’s. ‘If you ask me whether it was a wrong decision to marry Vijay, my answer is NO. It made me understand myself and what I am not. I got married at the wrong age. Early 20s is not an ideal time to exchange vows. I have no complaints or regrets, so I didn’t let it break me. I grew out of it slowly and steadily. Even when I am sad, I take that extra effort to keep my self at peace and work towards a happy future. There are a lot of girls who look up to me and I don’t want any woman in an unhappy marriage to feel bad to take a decision. I am blessed to have a solid support system — my family, especially my brother Abhijith, who helped me a lot through the storm. He is one person I can’t live without. We share a very special and sweet bond.’