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In 2020, when we were all stepping into the lockdown phase, a song became our constant jam and made the world turn their heads. This song is none other than ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ sung in the voices of Arivu and Dhee. The song, which spoke about Tamil culture, land, social issues etc, became the sensation of the year. From 6 to 60, everybody had this song playing repeatedly in their heads. 2 years later, this song lands into deep water, as it steps into a big controversy.

The controversy began with the inaugural function of the 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai. This song was performed by Dhee and Kidakuzhi Mariyammal for the function, and Santosh Narayanan was credited as the composer. It was later revealed that Arivu did not join for the performance as he was unavailable in Chennai. After the event, many netizens reportedly conveyed their disappointment that Arivu was not credited for composing the song.

After this, Arivu took to his Instagram to share his point of view. Sharing a photo of himself from the son, he wrote, “I “Composed” ,”Written” ,”sung”& “Performed” Enjoy Enjaami. Nobody gave me a Tune, Melody or a Single word to write this one. Spent almost 6 months of sleepless and stressful nights and days for everything it is right now. No doubt it’s a great team work. No doubt it calls everyone together . But it doesn’t mean that’s not the history of Valliammal or the landless Tea plantation slave ancestors of mine . Every song of mine will be having the scar mark of this generational oppression. Like this Just One..” 

He clarified that the Arivu was the one who composed the song and not Santosh Narayanan. He then went on to say, “There are 10000 songs of folk in this land. The Songs that carry the breath of ancestors ,Their pain ,Their Life, Love, Their Resistance and all about their existence. It’s all speaking to you in beautiful songs. Because we are a generation of blood and sweat turned into melodies of liberating arts. We carry the legacy through songs. Anyone can snatch away your treasure when You’re asleep. Never when you are awake. Jaibhim. Truth will always win in the end.”


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This statement made Santhosh Narayanan come up with his own clarification about the song and its composition. He again took to the same photo-sharing platform with a long 2 page clarification.  “In December 2020, Dhee came up with an idea of a song that glorified our roots and celebrated nature. I then composed, arranged, programmed, recorded and co-sang Enjoy Enjaami,” he said. He also thanked director Manikandan for helping and inspiring Arivu for the song, which was actually based on his film Kadaisi Vivasayi.

“We decided to not have any artist just perform on Enjoy Enjaami and agreed that each one would co-compose tunes or write verses in the song. While Dhee and Arivu agreed to sing the song, Both Dhee and Arivu were involved in the creative process. Dhee co-composed the tunes of many of her lines, while Arivu agreed to write the lyrics. I composed the rest of the tune and also composed the tune of Arivu’s portions,” Santhosh added.


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He then added that the revenues and ownership of the song are shared equally among Dhee, Arivu and himself. He also said that he has stood by the artists Arivu and Dhee and has credited them, wherever it was under his control. After this statement from Santhosh Narayanan, his daughter Dhee also took to her Instagram account, to share her perspective of the issue.

After saying similar statements to that of Santhosh, Dhee added about the Rolling Stone Cover controversy and the Enjoy Enjaami DJ Snake remix. “The Rolling Stone India cover from last year was based from Shan and I’s upcoming individual albums and the main reason as to why we’re in this particular cover together. It was neither about Enjoy Enjaami or Neeye Oli,” she explained.


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Talking about the DJ Snake Remix, she said, “Arivu is credited in the Enjoy Enjaami DJ Snake Remix on official platforms like Spotify. Santhosh Narayanan, Arivu and I don’t have control over the marketing behind it.” She concluded by saying that wishes for the song’s very purpose which was to bring people together, to always remain that way. A conclusion to this controversy is yet to be made.


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