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All the beautiful pics from our Sneha Cover Shoot!

Check out Mommy Sneha’s interview!

Full-time actress and a full-time mother, one wonders how she does it all and with so much passion; yet, one conversation with Sneha is all it takes to know one can have it all! JFW unveils a whole new side of Sneha you’ve never seen before. Mother’s Day special!

“I have been long associated with JFW, so this shoot was just a natural course in time.”

When it comes to Sneha, the association with JFW goes back a considerable way. First, there was a retro shoot, and then there was a couple shoot in February 2013 with Prasanna when they had just announced they were getting hitched. “My association with JFW goes so far back that in fact, I have done most of my firsts for the magazine. I’m very excited that I am here doing the photo shoot with my son right now, for this is the first time we are doing something of this sort together and I’m enjoying myself. When I heard this was going to be a mom and son photo shoot I just couldn’t say no.”

“Motherhood is a learning process every day.”

One could get all the help they ever needed but being a mother for the first time is no walk in the park. Sneha says, “Motherhood is everything to me. It was surreal – the whole experience from the hospital to home. I have another life in my hands now. I was clueless when I was pregnant, but I have come to realize what a big job it is. Sometimes it is tiring, sometimes it is so much fun, but overall it is so rewarding. Waking up, eating, sleeping and walking with your child every part of the way is a totally amazing experience.  But it is all a learning process. I know I am responsible for one more person that is my husband, who is but a child as well. The response just kicks into action immediately and there is fear every minute. I have learned to understand the things my son loves in life and he has learned the good and bad of life. It is scary but it is oh so wonderful!”

The future looks good for women in cinema.”

With celebrity status comes scrutiny of every move. In the conservative world of Indian cinema, the marital status of actresses is somehow defining the commercial value of their profession too. Marriages can be accepted as part of a man’s life, yet holds as a standstill for an actress’s career. Regarding comebacks, Sneha says it all depends on the choice of movies you make to come back with. “If you are given the chance of good roles and good films, people will still appreciate you in spite of the decisions your have taken in your personal life. But it works at a 50:50. If you have chosen to come back with a script that doesn’t usually work for your image, people are likely to not appreciate that. Cinema has grown really well and there are so many women-oriented films coming up so there’s plenty in the category of comebacks one can do. The future in this regard really does look better!”


And here is the bonus pic you have been waiting for! Sneha with her son Vihaan!

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