Adiyae Movie Review: A Sci-fi Feel Good Romantic Drama!

Unlimited Possibilities and it’s still you!

Director: Vignesh Karthik

Cast: G.V. Prakash Kumar, Gouri.g. Kishan, Venkat Prabhu and RJ Vijay

Adiyae is the first release for G.V. Prakash as an actor this year. Is it a comeback for him after Bachelor? The concept of the film is fresh but they didn’t do much with it. 

The movie begins with Venkat Prabhu, a scientist who loses his new found device. Then cut to Jeeva ( GV Prakash), a depressed youngster who tries to kill himself, but is unknowingly saved by Sendhazhini (Gouri.g.Kishan) , his school junior and a playback singer, he also develops a crush on her. Not being able to express his love for her, drunk Jeeva is met with an accident. When he wakes up he is transported to a parallel universe. Confused at first but enjoys as time passes as he is in a much better place than reality.

Later he is forced to reality. But he is caught in a battle between two forces within himself: One of them intends on living in the parallel universe, and the other wants to get back to his original life.

G.V. Prakash does justice to his role and Gouri plays her part to perfection. The chemistry between GV and Gouri worked out as well. RJ Vijay as hero’s friend and Venkat Prabhu as scientist and director Gautham Menon in alternate reality had part to play and their one liners worked out sometimes.

The highlight of the film is the parallel universe for sure. From Hyundai toothbrush to Ms Dhoni as RCB captain and Vijaykanth as PM of India, the spoofs are fun worthy. But it is not enough to save the film. After establishing the concept of a parallel universe, the screenplay lags a lot. 

Justin Prabhakaran ‘s songs and BGM go hand-in-hand with the story. Gokul Binoy’s camera is bright and beautiful. Vignesh Karthik’s direction is different and fresh but feels like the story is not trying to take any risk and trying to play a safe game.

In short, one time watchable sci-fi romance but struggling to carry it forward.

Rating – 2.75/ 5


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