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Actress Parvathy Menon Files A Police Complaint Against Abusive Netizens; Singer Chinmayi Shares Results Of The Complaint!

Its high time they are reported and taken action against!

Image: The Deccan Chronicle

Women being harassed by fans of huge male stars for their opinions against their films isn’t anything new on the internet. From Chinmayi Sripada to Samantha, many actresses and women from other fields have faced a lot. Is it that bizarre for a lot of so-called “fans” of such stars to see opinionated women?

Adding to the list of women being abused on the internet, Parvathy Menon who recently joined twitter, expressed her disagreement regarding a few dialogues from Mammooty’s recent movie ‘Kasaba’. Many of the actor’s fans attacked the actress online seeing her opinion. From derogatory comments to sexual threats, Parvathy received it all. However, the badass that she already is, Parvathy made sure that those comments do not get to her and filed a police complaint.

Confirming news to The News Minute, an official at Cyber Cell said that they were in the process of tracking a few accounts that abused the actor and one that even sent rape threats.

“We are monitoring 4-5 accounts on Twitter and other platforms. Most of them are fake accounts, that’s what people resort to for abusing people on social media. We have requested Twitter to provide us the details of these accounts. As and when we receive the information, it will be forwarded to Ernakulam South police station, where the case is filed,” the official said.

Addressing the issue, Parvathy told TNM, “Death and rape threats were there, and so was work intimidation. Many of them threatened me saying I will go out of work for what I had said. They said my career would be finished.”

Supporting the ‘Charlie’ actress’s stance, singer Chinmayi Sripada applauded her courage. Taking it to Twitter, Chinmayi said, “@parvatweets well done with the police complaint. High time the harassers are unmasked. A group of Tamil tweeters did the same – threaten I ll go out of work some years ago and launched a campaign that I said ‘fishermen can die coz they are meat eaters’.”

Adding to this, she said, “2 guys went to jail. And the case is in Madras HC. One of the men was a clerk at a collectorate, the other at NIFT, no less! Most of these swines will use anything from casteist slurs, acid attack and rape threats and perpetuate misogyny. Keep it up. It isnt easy though :).”

Kudos to her and all the other women who stand up and raise their voice against abuse!

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