Actor Madhavan is a Saffron Supporter?!

Actor shares on Twitter!

Actor Madhavan was criticized by many for sharing the link of the fake news on Twitter. Film critic Sudhish Kamath had also made a comment on the social media Platform regarding it.

It all started when many opposed the latest app released by BJP called ‘NaMo’ app. It was alleged that the data entered by the Public in the app is sent to US-based companies without consent. It is believed that actor Madhavan had tweeted about the same and had shared a link to the fake news about it. Soon it turned controversial and many passed comments about it. Sudhish Kamath had commented through his twitter post that it was disappointing to see Actor Madhavan becoming the ambassador of unverified news and that his mentor, actor Kamal Haasan would have felt let down by him for ‘pleasing’ the ‘saffron’. Actor Madhavan defended himself saying that it was a genuine error and he had rectified it. Also, he said that it was disheartening to see an influencer like Sudhish Kamath ‘jumping to conclusions about him’.

Both Madhavan and Sudhish Kamath have deleted their respective tweets now and it seems that things are back to normal. The NaMo app has turned out to be a controversial one, and #deletenamoapp has been trending on Twitter along with #DeleteCongFakeNews

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