96-Year-Old Karthiyani Amma Scores 98/100 In Literacy Program!

There’s no limit to gaining education!

Whenever you feel like you can’t stand looking at your books or feel lazy to study, then think of Karthiyani amma. The 96-year-old woman is the very definition of perseverance with a hunger to learn irrespective of her age.

Hailing from Alappuzha district in Kerala, she scored an impressive 98/100 marks in ‘Aksharalaksham’ literacy program of Kerala State Literacy Mission. Turns out, she was the oldest student appearing for the exam. Around 42,933 cleared the exam being tested in reading, writing, and mathematics. She is also the oldest ever to take and crack the literacy exam!

Here’s the breakdown of her score – 28 out of 30 in Mathematics, 30 out of 30 in reading, and 30 out of 30 in writing, with all the tests conducted in Malayalam. Proving herself to be a bright student, it is reported that the nonagenarian has never attended school in her life. She has grandchildren and great-grandchildren but her quest for knowledge never ceased.

Despite a great score, Karthiyani amma wishes she hadn’t lost that 2 marks, otherwise she would’ve earned a centum in the program.

Her inspiring story has caught a lot of attention including politician Shahi Tharoor, who had long back tweeted about her in the past.


Photo courtesy: ANI

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