9 Celebrity Friendships In Indian Cinema That Will Last a Lifetime!

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Celebrities and friendships don’t go hand in hand they say. Over the years, stars have sometimes fought and made up or continued being ‘frenemies.’ We take you through some of the most memorable friendships among the stars.


Rajini – Kamal

Rajini-Kamal JFW Magazine


Little do people know that superstar Rajinikanth attributes his success in the film industry to Kamal Haasan. He has been caught saying several times that he entered the industry looking up to the actor. Kamal, who entered the industry much earlier in his life, could have easily overshadowed Rajinikanth in the 10 odd films that they did together. But it was a mark of respect of their friendship that stood through time and is still going strong. Rajinikanth, who is known to skip award functions and social gatherings, made it a point to attend a grand function organised in honor of Kamal Haasan when he completed 50 glorious years in the industry. Kamal, on his part has gone on record to say that Rajinikanth is his best friend forever!


Mammooty – Mohanlal

Mohanlal-Mammootty JFW Magazine


These two reigning superstars of Mollywood may appear as arch rivals to the world, but in truth, they are best friends. They entered the industry together but grew separately. It is considered to be a celebration if both the actors star in a movie together, but according to them, it really isn’t a big deal. In a career spanning more than three decades, they both have worked together in approximately 55 films. Both these actors are huge hearted when it comes to charity and regularly feed large number of people. They make it a point to eat in each other’s houses on festival occasions.


Shah Rukh-Salman

salman-srk JFW Magazine


When news broke out that Rani Mukherjee is replacing Aishwarya Rai in Chalte Chalte, media frenzy followed. Soon reports of Aishwarya’s ex-boyfriend Salman Khan misbehaving with her on sets led to Shah Rukh refusing to work with her again. The incident had the two most successful actors topping the headlines for their cold war. Now the Khans are back together and after denying any problems between them, both the Khans hugged it out at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party. They even kissed and made up at Arpita Khan’s mehendi ceremony. The two have truly patched up as SRK even appeared in Salman’s Big Boss Season 9 to promote his movie Dilwale with Kajol and spent a day in the Big Boss house!


Salman Khan-Sanjay Dutt

Salman-Sanjayy JFW Magazine


Both Sanjay and Salman are known to have stood by each other in the worst of times. Coincidentally, both have had their equal share of “crimes”. With millions and crores of investments depending on them, Bollywood kept a close watch on their individual court cases. Sanjay Dutt surrendered and Salman’s sentence is suspended. The stars are the real bad boys of Bollywood. Their friendship is one example of strong solidarity. Throughout Salman’s break ups, Sanjay Dutt has been known to have stood by him and vice versa. This is one bond that’s likely to live forever.


Ranveer Singh-Arjun Kapoor

Ranveer-Arjun JFW Magazine


How could we forget the infamous AIB roast where the duo broke all boundaries? Appearing on Koffee with Karan together, hosting awards together and also attending each other’s parties told the world that they were best of friends. However, post Gunday, media reports claimed all wasn’t well between them. Rumors were rife that Arjun’s close friendship with Ranvir’s ex Anushka Sharma led to some tension between them. Then the roast brought them together and the ‘bromance’ was quiet evident. These two stars definitely know how to stay in news.


Ram Charan – Allu Arjun

Ram Charan-Allu JFW Magazine


Both these actors are cousins, but their friendship goes beyond familial ties. Both of them apparently discuss everything under the sun and are there for each other whenever the need arises. Ram Charan has gone on record to say that in spite of Arjun’s flamboyant nature being a complete contrast to his reserved self, their bond has strengthened over the years. Arjun apparently heard a script which he felt would be more suitable for Ram and so he sent the director over to him! Looks like even professional rivalry will not affect their friendship!


Arya – Pooja

Arya pooja JFW Magazine


The two were rumored to be in a relationship for a long time and the pair always denied such rumors and Pooja finally put an end to all the speculation when they appeared in Koffee With Anu. She kissed Arya in the cheek and said he’s her best friend and there’s nothing between them! She said their first movie Ullam Ketkume got delayed and both of used to call each other up and worry about the film’s release. The duo had done 3 films together including Oram Po and Nan Kadavul.


Trisha – Nayanthara

Trisha-Nayan JFW Magazine


The sizzling actresses of Kollywood shared a solid friendship for years before their fallout when Trisha was signed for Kuruvi opposite Vijay. However the girls patched up their misunderstanding soon and have always spoken about the comfortable rapport they share. They have admitted to having a professional rivalry in the initial days of their careers but now they are in their own secure space. The two are often seen partying together whenever Nayanthara is in town.


Sonam Kapoor – Jacqueline Fernandes

Sonam-Jacqueline JFW Magazine


Among the current crop of actors and actresses, friendships have had more falling out than retention. But, Sonam Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandes’s friendship has been spoken about a lot. Most actresses become friends on sets but once the movie is over, the friendship comes to an end too. Interestingly, Sonam and Jackie have not worked together in a film. And their bond has been going strong for over 4 years now. From Sonam introducing Jackie to her designer, to partying hard together and helping Jackie during a wardrobe malfunction, these gals are meant to be soul sisters!


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