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8 Actresses Who Are Brilliant Action Heroines!

These heroines are breaking gender stereotypes!

Heroines in Indian Cinema are breaking stereotypes by doing more character oriented roles than just playing eye candy in movies. More and more actresses are speaking against the mandatory ‘item songs’ of films. Women centric movies are the trend of the year as the audience too want to move away from cliched roles given to heroines. We pick 7 actresses who nailed action sequences like a boss giving the heroes the run for their money! 



Dhansika Rajini Kabali JFW


Dhansika’s role in Kabali was such a relief from the usual female roles in a Rajinikanth movies. She plays Rajini’s daughter and fights to protect Rajini from villains! How cool is that? But then, she sported short hair to give a tomboy feel to her character.

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