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7 Movies Where Women Rocked On-Screen!

Uncommon to find heroines in meaty roles?

Gender plays a huge role in every industry; film industry is no different! The hardwork and dedication of the stars is visible on the silver screen and sometimes, actresses are not just arm candies. Times are changing and many filmmakers have started giving equal opportunities to the female stars, unlike the past few decades. However, looks like it’s still majorly a male-dominated industry and actress Kajol recently expressed the same views.

Her opinion kept us thinking and we go back and list out some movies where actresses definitely had a rocking presence as the male stars.

Jab We Met

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This Imitiaz Ali movie was not a serious women-centric movie. It was a simple love story with interesting twists and not to forget, a perfect chemistry between the then real life couple Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. It will always be one of the most powerful performances of Kareena Kapoor. As much as Shahid’s role as a heartbroken, lost lover was crucial, Kareena’s bubbly and girl-next-door performance was very important in the movie. It was a lovely mix of funny, romantic and drama-filled movie.


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Anurag Basu saw what no other filmmaker did! He saw a troubled and sensitive character in Priyanka Chopra. We are quite surprised that Ranbir Kapoor took many awards that year for best actor and PeeCee din’t. No doubt Ranbir as Barfi was brilliant, Priyanka Chopra had an equally important role and went unnoticed. She played the role of Jhilmil, an autistic girl who loves Barfi unconditionally. We can’t express how amazing her performance was. It’s a must watch for PeeCee fans!



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Vishal Bharadwaj adapted Shakespeare’s play Hamlet and made Haider which revolves around civil-insurgency in Kashmir. Though the main character of the movie was played by Shahid Kapoor as Haider, Tabu’s role as his mother Ghazala was as important. The sensitive relationship between the mother and son was captured beautifully and Tabu packed a punch with her perfect acting and expressive emotions.


The Lunchbox

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This movie should be on every movie lover’s must-watch list. Just two characters in the movie, played beautifully by Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur, were enough to rule almost every movie lover’s hearts. A simple, yet edgy love story of an unappreciated housewife and a simple middle-class working man in Mumbai struck a chord with fans and audiences around the world. Nimrat Kaur is one of the most underrated actresses of our times and she definitely deserves a lot more!



ramya-padayappa JFW


If there was ever a heroine who gave a competition to Rajinikanth on screen, it has to be Ramya Krishnan. She absolutely owned the role of Nilambari. She played a jilted lover who tries to take revenge on Rajinikanth. She is the probably the only person who ever gave Rajinikanth a tough fight in his own movie!



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This movie directed by SJ Suryah is a romantic thriller starring Ajith in dual roles and Simran. Although there were two Ajiths in the movie, Simran rose as a star in this movie with her performance. She progressed from the funny and quirky girl in the first romantic half of the movie to a dramatic and concerned wife in the thrilling second half. She made the character’s struggles relatable with the audience and packed a punch!


Pachaikili Muthucharam


PachaikiliMuthucharam JFW


All heroines of Gautam Menon’s films have meaty roles, but this movie has to be the best! Jyothika surprised us all by doing a negative role, that too a very powerful one with this movie. She played leader of a gang which exploits married men sexually and financially. It takes some nerves to choose such a role and to perform it with excellence. Jyothika completely stole the show in this movie!

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