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7 Actors Who Toiled Very Hard For Their Role

Perfection is the mantra for these actors!

India cinema industry has been blessed with some of the brilliant actors and that is the reason why our films have been put in the international map. Some actors take their work very seriously and sometimes even go beyond of what is required of them. We take a look at 7 actors who have toiled hard for their roles and continue to do so. 



kamal haasan JFW


Kamal Haasan is always known for his perfection when it comes to his movies. He has done so many different characters in his movies and is one of the most versatile actors of Indian cinema. One of the most difficult roles he had to play was as a dwarf in the film Apoorva Sagotharargal. Kamal Haasan convinced us that he was an evil dwarf brother without a doubt.

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