6 Unforgettable Controversies Of Bigg Boss House!


Bigg Boss is a reality show filled with controversies. While for some, it worked in their favour, the others trailed away post the reality show. However, their controversies still remain in the hearts of the viewers. Here are six we thought were the strongest:

1. Oviya’s mental health



Oviya clearly won hearts of the people back then with her outspoken nature, her honest life and most of all, her mannerisms. But, it came as a shocker when this strong character lost to mental health and tried to kill herself. Her relationship with Arav, the Maruthuva Muttham factor, gayathri’s behavior towards her made her a different person towards the end. Although, she was everybody’s favourite, that lingers around.

2. Julie



The name Julie was equally famous. She has moved on and so has everyone, but this nurse-turned-anchor was not very liked. This must have been a mere publicity stunt and she must have been a genuinely nice person but I still remember when she walked out of the show with not one clap from the audience.

3. Ponnambalam’s comments on Mahath



When Mahath, Yaashika, and Aishwarya Dutta were chit-chatting Yaashika’s bed in the wee hours of the night, it was misinterpreted to be something vulgar and “not apt for family viewers” – these were the comments made by fellow contestant Ponambalam in season 2. This was not received well either.

4. Aishwarya Dutta’s garbage controversy



It came as a shocker when a budding actress like Aishwarya Dutta threw a can of garbage on an established actor like Balaji without any second thoughts. The audience was furious when this episode aired. Many called it “immature”, “disrespectful” and “uncalled for” to name a few.

5. Madhumitha’s suicide



Season 3 seems to have caught up with season 1 with the first very big controversy being Madhumitha’s suicide attempt owing to being “bullied by her fellow contestants” for her comments on how to be a well-dressed woman.

6. Kavin and Losliya



We still do not know the relationship status of Kavin and Losliya but we do know that audience are not very happy with the way they are collectively reacting to their fellow contestants. Tonight’s episode shows Kavin walking out of the House, but we never know what its really all about.

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