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6 Most Passionate On-Screen Kisses Of Tamil Cinema!

We love the amazing chemistry!

Kollywood actors have shied away from kissing scenes for a long time as there has been a taboo attached to it. Actors now, have evolved and are ready to give what it takes to get a scene right and are more open about a lip lock scene. When a kiss is shot aesthetically, it adds to the intensity of the scene and takes the pair’s chemistry to the next level. Here’s 6 instances where the actors shared the most passionate kiss! 



Of course Kamal Haasan had to top the list! Kamal is the king of Romance he has had many lip lock scenes in his movie but Punnagai Mannan has to top the list as it was Kamal who was the first actor to bring lip lock to Tamil Cinema. Kamal and Rekha are lovers but as the heroine’s parents do not approve they decide to commit suicide. Before they jump off a cliff, the lovers share the most passionate kiss ever! This scene is considered to be one of the most iconic kisses of Indian cinema.


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