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5 Underrated Tamil Romantic Films You Must Watch!

Start binge-watching already.


  1. Kanda Naal Mudhal

 This is the typical hate turns to love movie. If you love that kind, it would be surprising if you haven’t watched this film. Karthik Kumar who plays Prasanna’s friend and Laila’s fiancé in the movie keeps on yapping about chemistry. The film shows why chemistry is important in love. Although the friendship between the lead pair starts with a fight, they realise how great they are together and fall for each other. Every single character in the movie is loveable. In addition, you get to see Regina and Andrea doing small roles as young girls. Music is again incredible in the movie.



  1. Nala Dhamayanthi

 This one directly comes from the king of Romance. Written by Kamal Haasan, this one is perfect Rom-Com. Madhavan plays a young chef from Palakaad stuck in Australia to clear his debts. Geetu Mohandas, the cute kid from Fazil’s En Boomukutty Ammavuku helps our hero out by marrying him for citizenship. However, a marriage of convenience soon blossoms into a beautiful love story. With challenges from ex-fiancé and immigration people following them, would the happy couple get a happily ever after forms the crux of the story. Kamal plays a cameo and there is a nice English song sung by the actor that will surely grab our attention.

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