5 Times Oviya Was A Total Queen On ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ !

Relive those awesome moments from last year!

Bigg Boss Tamil fans might just be in for a surprise if they catch actress and season 1 contestant Oviya Helen at the house again for the second season. However, unconfirmed sources state that she might make a comeback but only for a day, visiting the housemates as a celebrity guest.

Oviya had established herself as one of the most popular contestants from the first season of the reality show. An actress from Kerala, Oviya has featured in Tamil and Malayalam films. Soon after her stint in Bigg Boss, Oviya emerged as a huge crowd favourite, with lakhs of fans in Tamil Nadu voting for her and calling themselves ‘Oviya Army’. Oviya quit the show a few weeks before the finals citing issues to do with her mental health, which led to fans simply losing it on social media!

Here are the five times Oviya won us all over!

Her Honesty

Oviya was someone who never lied or deliberately spoke ill of someone. If anything, she was consistently honest and always went out of her way to make people feel nice. Out of all the contestants, she was genuinely someone whom you could relate to and she always stood her ground.

‘Bye, Bharani!’

Who can forget that iconic moment when the only lone voice from the house was Oviya’s heartfelt ‘Bye, Bharani!’ when the contestant was leaving. Bharani complained of feeling ill and even tried getting out of the house to escape it all. While everybody else berated him and called him names, she was the only one by his side and telling him that it’s okay. She was the only person who understood him and even bid him goodbye while others grumbled away.

The bigger person

When Julie complained of a stomach pain, only Oviya was there to comfort her and make her feel better. She took care of her like a true friend would. In return? Julie spoke ill of Oviya to the other girls instead. Not only was that unnecessary, it was unwarranted too and even the audience was perplexed with Julie’s deliberate attempt to put Oviya down. And who got to walk away as the bigger person? Oviya! She forgave her and that led to her getting an #OviyaArmy on the internet!

Kokku Nettu!

This tongue twister of a song went viral only thanks to her! Oviya is awesome at it and you cannot stop yourself from joining in. It was just one of those moments when Oviya didn’t care what she looked like and was too adorable for words!

Neenge shut up pannunga!

Those words that rang into every viewers’ ears and pretty much stayed that way – ‘neenge shut up pannanga’, the respectful way of telling a senior person to simply shut up. Speaking to Ganja Karuppu who interrupted her, Oviya was nice enough to politely tell him to stay quiet. Classy and sassy – now that is a QUEEN!

To watch Oviya be a total queen of hearts, check out our interview with her and how she talks about everything right from what makes her happy to what she likes to do when she’s free.


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