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5 Reasons Why Oviya Is Tamil Nadu’s Favourite ‘Bigg Boss’ Contestant!

Oviya wins everyone’s heart!

Bigg Boss in Tamil has been successfully running ever since day one. If you think that the entire show is working because of Kamal Haasan, you’re wrong. Yes, he is one of the reasons but the concept is new to South and the contestants are quite popular. Oviya, a young actress who debuted in Kollywood through ‘Kalavaani’ is a part of the House and she is now the masses’ hot favorite. We have come up with 5 reasons why everyone loves Oviya:


1. She dances carefree yet gracefully: Every morning she makes sure she dances happily, freely yet gracefully to kick start her brilliant day the right way. She doesn’t care what any other contestant talks about her and makes sure she dances no matter what. She also makes other contestants dance with her.

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