5 Reasons We Love Divya from Mouna Ragam!

Woman Way Ahead Of Her Time!

Divya, played by Revathi in Mouna Ragam, is grieving over the death of her lover but is convinced by her family to get married to Chandra Kumar, played by Mohan. Despite her plea to Chandra Kumar not to marry her, he accepts the marriage proposal and marries Divya. While Divya is still processing the demise of her lover, she refuses to commit herself to Chandra Kumar, and the couple goes through a rocky path for a while. The film revolves around Divya’s emotional journey as she struggles to come to terms with her past and present and whether or not she can find it in herself to accept Chandra Kumar. Here are 5 reasons why we love Divya from Mouna Ragam:

1. She is straightforward, she never hesitated to voice her opinion no matter what.

Divya always said what was in her mind. She made herself clear about her disinterest in the marriage before, during, and after the marriage. Divya never stopped voicing her opinion irrespective of who it was, be it voicing her disinterest in the marriage to her family and her husband or her discomfort when her husband touches her during the early stage of marriage, she always made herself clear about her feelings towards it.

2. She is way ahead of her time, even though she is raised in a traditional family, she questions their norms and methods.

Despite being born and raised in a typical Tamil family, she didn’t follow the path she was asked to instead she questioned it. In a society where the major goal of a family with a girl child was to marry her off to a reputed and well-settled family, Divya was against the idea of an arranged marriage. She questioned how could she be intimate with someone she barely knew when all her life she was taught to stay away from strangers.

3. She is free-spirited and a ray of sunshine, she could light up any room that was in.

Divya was a burst of sunshine wherever she went. Whether it was with her strict and traditional father, her husband leading a monotonous life, or the Punjabi mechanic, she brought a ray of light and excitement to their otherwise dull and mundane lives. In her introduction scene, she tries to avoid getting caught by her father for waking up late, and her innocent and doe-eyed act melts his heart. Chandra Kumar, a manager leading a boring and monotonous life, comes to life whenever Divya is around. Throughout the film, it’s clear that she has a knack for making trouble, which is evident when the Punjabi mechanic asks her to teach him Tamil to impress a potential customer.

4. She knows what she wants,  and makes it clear to everyone.

Instead of saying yes to everything her family, society, or her husband said, she always knew what she wanted and stood for it. She knew she didn’t want to get married to a stranger and stood by it until he was no longer a stranger to her. She knew Manohar had to choose between her and his protests and stood by it. She knew she couldn’t let a stranger touch her just because they were married and she made herself clear to him.

5. She leads her life at her own pace, despite being rushed into a marriage, she takes time to heal from her past and move on.

Despite being rushed into a marriage at the beginning she came to terms with it at her own pace. She took her time to heal from the loss of her ex-lover and to accept a stranger, Chandra Kumar as her husband. Divya didn’t let Chandra Kumar near her just because they had tied the knot and she kept him at arms length until she familiarized with him. During the flashback too, despite Manohar’s constant push, Divya accepted him at her own pace. Divya wasn’t the kind of woman you could mold the way you want to, she was the kind of woman who molds herself the way she wants to.

Divya’s character in the film is very much ahead of her time, she has always made sure to voice out her opinion in a society where women predominantly remain silent and avoid voicing their opinions. She never did something just because she was asked to do so, she lived her life just the way she wanted to.

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