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5 Kollywood Actors Who Can’t Shake A Leg

No offense!

Dance is just so much a part of Indian Cinema and actors are judged for their dancing abilities in addition to their acting abilities. We look at 5 Kollywood actors who aren’t that great at dancing! 



One of our Thala’s main drawback is he can’t dance all that great. He has had some amazing numbers in his films but he did not do justice to those tunes! But he compensates his lack of dancing abilities with his acting skills and we can’t complain!


A favorite among the youngsters, Vijay Sethupathi is a hit but when it comes to dance numbers, Sethupathi is out of his territory.


Arya does his best when it comes to dance numbers, but somehow that doesn’t seem enough. He chooses his dance choreography with care so that it does not reflect bad on screen. Can Arya pull off a full fledged kuthu song? We doubt it.


Udhayanidhi Stalin’s dance moves looks like he has performed what was taught to him. He does not seem to have any originality when it comes to moves. His dance moves almost looks like college dance performances.





Karthi too does not have any great numbers to himself and always plays it safe when it comes to heavy beat numbers. May be it’s not that he doesn’t know how to dance, may it because he has not got any great numbers to show off his dance skills!

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