5 Critical Questions That Police Need To Answer After Ramkumar’s ‘Suicide’


The lone suspect in the Swathi murder case, allegedly suicide committed by pulling and biting into a live electric wire. Ramkumar was lodged in the Puzhal central prison in Chennai after he was caught in a massive man hunt launched by the Chennai police. Police said that Ramkumar, 24, stalked Infosys techie Swathi for many days before he killed her at the busy Nungambakkam railway station by slitting her throat on June 24th. All the police had was a CCTV footage of the accused running and a massive man hunt was launched to find the killer. The case had gained nationwide outrage as a young working professional was killed in broad daylight.

However, Ramkumar was caught in his hometown Meenakshipuram in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu on July 1st. The accused tried to commit suicide then but was saved by the police who rushed him to the hospital. Ramkumar had been lodged in the Puzhal prison since his recovery. Many political parties had taken his side claiming that the police have wrongly convicted him because he is a dalit. On 18th September, Ramkumar was brought to the Royapettah government hospital from Puzhal where he was declared dead on arrival. Police say, Ramkumar committed suicide by biting on a live wire to end his life. Opposition parties in Tamil Nadu have asked for a magisterial probe into the matter. This version of the Chennai police has raised many questions relating to his mysterious death. Also, what happens to the on going investigation of the Swathi murder case?

With Ramkumar dead and police squarely accusing only Ramkumar in the case, where does this leave the on going trial of Swathi murder case? 

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