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4 Things That Went Wrong With Mersal’s Audio Launch!

Yes, we noticed too!

Written by Madhumitha Dhanasekaran.


After a long number of days, especially on a weekend, people finally decided to switch to some other channel that did not have a big house and some irritated inmates. Though Zee bagged the satellite rights for Mersal, Sun TV live telecasted the film’s audio launch Sunday evening.

And man, this audio launch made many people feel many things, from giving reaffirmation on the crazy fan following that Ilayathalapathy has to the fact that a live telecast can not be right no matter how hard one tries.

Timing and engagement matters in a live, right? Audience’s reaction is captured instantly and nothing can go wrong. However, for Mersal, though it had the amazing crew and cast a film can ever have, the audio launch did not go right. No, we are not talking about the lengthy, wrong-almost-all-the-time recital of Vijay’s films by an individual, or about the ‘somewhat okay singing’ of the young boy.


The brilliance that is Parthiban

The show was going well until Parthiban stepped in. In addition, they decided to have him at the beginning of the show, what were they thinking? It was an audio launch, but somehow Parthiban misunderstood it and started making puns about Donald Trump tweeting. For some reason, everyone but Vijay thinks he is going to enter politics. Of course, Parthiban brought this out with his CM pun.

It is Collection Mannar he explains, which apparently Trump will tweet about calling Vijay the best CM the state has ever had. (See that? CM- Chief Minister, Collection Mannar). If all this was not enough, he repeated everything twice because of the crazy fans who had to shout every time he said Ilayathalapathy, I think after a point of time it was done only to frustrate him. Anyway, he was then interrupted by Dhanush’s arrival, followed by Vijay’s parents, and since it was live, they could do nothing but telecast it all.

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