4 Actresses Who Were Body Shamed In Real Life!

Anushka, Manjima, Nithya and Raashii!

In today’s world, body shaming has become a very common subject for the internet trolls. In the recent past, actresses of the film industry have been facing discrimination, criticisms and hate comments if they don’t meet certain standards in front of the camera. Though there are many celebrities and public figures present in the public’s eyes the actresses become the most easy target for internet trolls.  Here is a list of few actresses who faced body shaming and internet trolls. On to the face, body shaming is not right!

Anushka Shetty


Anushka Shetty was trolled and fat shamed by netizens on the Internet for her latest appearance at an event with family for Mahashivaratri after a long time.  Recently, she was spotted celebrating Maha Shivratri with her family and a few pictures from the temple surfaced on the internet.As the latest pics of Anushka Shetty went viral on social media, she was trolled brutally. The actress was fat and shamed for the latest look. She was criticized for her chubby looks. While some trolled her for gaining a lot of weight.

Manjima Mohan

Actors Manjima Mohan and Gautham Karthik got married recently. While many were congratulating the couple, the actress was also the subject of troll even on her wedding day. She said that such comments do not bother her and that she would lose weight only if her job demands it. She also added that even at their wedding, a few people commented about it. She is now comfortable with her body and she will lose weight whenever she wants too or if her job demands it. 

Nithya Menen 

Actor Nithya Menen has said that being subjected to body-shaming took a toll on her. She also said that people who make such comments are always quick to jump to assumptions. She said, “Nobody asks why you’re putting on weight; they just assume. There are so many questions about it. Are they going through some health related issues? There’s so much that they don’t even think about”. Nithya stated that she got her due regardless of how she appeared, she never complained about body-shaming but it personally affects her. 

Raashii Khanna

Raashii Khanna who has acted in Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil films, recalls being called a “gas tanker” because of her size. She admitted that the insults bothered her at first, but she chose not to respond because she considered herself overweight by South Indian film industry standards. She mentioned that she suffered from PCOD, which made it difficult for her to keep her weight in check. She also said, “I did become fitter in time, not to please anybody, but because I know that the job requires that. So I’ve faced all that bullying, online bullying, and stuff like that, and it honestly didn’t bother me anymore.”


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