12 Things You Must Do In New York!

NYC at its best!

The yellow cabs, bright streets, bustling subways, raging bull and the fearless girl; New York is truly the city of dreams. One walk on the streets of Manhattan, and you’ll believe what you’ve always heard about the city of skyscrapers. You are sure to return with memories and a little bit of New York in your heart. Sitting right where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean, New York comprises of five boroughs, each similar yet different from one another. Picking up the pieces after 9/11 and taking a way forward with liberty, freedom and equality is what makes this city one of the best in the world. New York is definitely a state of mind; take a cue from Alicia Keys and book your next flight!

New York & Old Blocks

Must-do journal

  • One thing you’ll see everyone around you doing; walking! Yes, forget about taking the cabs and make the most by just walking.New York is distributed into many and many more blocks which are best experienced on foot.


  • Yes, it’s a repeat, but if in New York you need to take a ferry to the celebrated Statue of Liberty standing proudly amidst the New York harbour. The symbol of American independence, Lady Liberty will leave such an impact on you that you’ll not mind going back again and again.
  • When visiting the Times Square, you’ll be lucky if you witness the popular Bollywood flash mob that takes place right at the centre. The fun, spun and the energy of the Times Square will blow your mind.
  • There’s more to the Metropolitan Museum of Art than just being the red carpet for Anna Wintour’s Met Gala. The Met Museum is one of the world’s largest art museums and houses over two million works of art. This place is a must visit.


  • Central Park was probably a part of the Garden of Eden! That place is just magical. It’s best enjoyed on a bicycle and brings you closest to nature, though it’s surrounded by people, laughter and a lot of buzz!
  • None of the books will tell you where you’ll find the best pizza in the five boroughs. Lombardi’s and Grimaldi’s are the top contenders for the position, but here’s the secret! The latter is hands down the best pizzeria in town. It’s right under the shadow of the popular Brooklyn Bridge and the place will get you nostalgic with some Frank Sinatra classics filling the air.


  • There’s no place as breathtaking as the deck of the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. The tallest structure of the New York city is an architectural marvel and overshadows all the myths of the ‘room with a view’.
  • If cocktails are your thing, then the ‘Little Branch’ and a cosy company is all you need on a Friday night. Popular for its live jazz performances, the dim lit lounge bar is perfect for a date night.
  • If you love indie-pop and music is your lifeline, then ‘Bowery Ballroom’ is the place to be. New York’s music scene is vibrant, varied and you get all of it under one roof at the Bowery Ballroom, which hosts some of the best music concerts in the city.


  • Built in 1871, Grand Central Depot (as named earlier) was the hub of multiple road lines. However, by the end of the 19th century, rail network took over and it was named Grand Central Station. The vast Terminal is the symbol of American history and is architecturally one of the most gorgeous railway stations in the world.
  • Though the list is endless, you can’t leave New York without paying a visit to the Freedom Tower and remembering the ones who lost their lives on September 11. Now known as the One World Trade Centre, the Ground Zero is the part of the complex located in Lower Manhattan. It stands tall as the reminder of the spirit of the Americans hit by the tragedy.


  • Keep one full day to satisfy the cravings of shopping. You will probably stay back for good if you take a walk through the Fifth Avenue. Trump tower stands right at the beginning of the 5th Avenue and it’s as grand as it can get. Here’s a checklist in one line; for lingerie check out the Victoria Secrets’ independent store and for the rest just walk into Saks Fifth Avenue. The 8th-floor hosts the magical Christian Louboutin pumps to those must-have Manolo Blahniks. You’ll need an entire day if you plan to shop at the Saks.


What to eat and where to stay?


  • Keep that fine dining experience for the Sunday evening and hit the streets for yummy buffalo wings and some scrumptious Shawarmas. All hail the diversity of this city, as delicious street food from the Mediterranean is dished out right at the corners of these blocks.
  • If you love your beer, check out the numerous Irish pub options available around the Times Square.
  • TGIF serves some of the yummiest buffalo wings in the city and it’s just too good to miss.


  • Mexican food is a huge hit in NYC as tacos are absolutely heavenly. The Mexicans settled in the city will take you on a delicious trip to the tropical paradise.
  • If you just don’t want to have an entire pizza, check out some of the local pizzerias where they serve a slice per dollar. It’s good to go when you’re on the go.

What not to do?


  • New York is infamous for its traffic congestion; not only on the roads but also on the sidewalks. Always keep right and do not stop for a chat on the left of either an escalator or a street.
  • The rest of the United States follows the tipping rate of 15%, however, New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, keep it at an average of 20% minimum.
  • The city streets, Times Square, and even the subways are filled with performers and musicians. If you like their music and you choose to stop by, do not walk away! Make sure you tip them!


  • Do not visit the High Line over the weekends; keep it for a sunny weekday and enjoy the walk.
  • Avoid the bus tours and don’t fall for those tourist guides; they will cheat and salute you.
  • Yes, it’s lovely and romantic to walk hand-in-hand with your partner, but in NYC you might want to walk behind one another as the sidewalks are narrow and don’t allow space for romance.
  • Keep those heels for the fancy night club as the walking around takes a lot of time and energy. Choose flats!


Best Time to visit:

It’s advisable to only go between May through September since the temperatures can hit sub zero during winters. If you’re well prepared with the winter clothes, then there’s no place as gorgeous as New York City during Christmas.

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