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100 Cases Filed Under ‘Triple Talaq’ Post The Supreme Court Judgement!

So many women relived and happy!

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It was a great sigh of relief to many women when the Supreme Court, comprising of a five-judge constitution bench, declared instant Triple Talaq as unconstitutional on August 22nd this year. Adding to this, minister of law and justice Ravishankar Prasad said that there have been 100 cases of instant triple talaq in the country since the Supreme Court judgment terming the practice as unconstitutional.

As the Lok Sabha has successfully passed the Triple Talaq Bill, here are some of the cases that have been registered as reported by The Times Of India:

On December 27, Ghousia Begum, 31, a resident of Hyderabad’s Old City was given triple talaq over the phone by her husband Zahran Hamed Al Rajhi, a resident of Nizwan, Oman.

On December 26, a woman from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, had alleged that she was allegedly given triple talaq on phone by her husband. The woman got married at a very young age wanted to continue her studies. The husband objected to her further studies and threw her out of the house and allegedly gave her divorce by triple talaq on phone.

On December 22, a 24-year-old woman from Bulandshahr district of UP was allegedly gang-raped by three persons, including her husband, who also gave her triple talaq within a week of their marriage.

On December 11, a woman has alleged that her husband gave triple talaq to her and then eloped with her sister after her parents failed to fulfil dowry demand.

From now on, these women will have a voice to raise against the injustice happening to them.


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