10 Pictures That Prove Samantha And Naga Chaitanya Are More BFFs Than A Couple!

We cannot get enough of them!

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha are the power couple of South Indian film industry. Rightly said so, the couple is definitely made for each other, so much so that they are even fun onscreen especially when they did a film like Majili. Their lockdown hobbies look so fun and all the couple things they did keeps their fans engaged. We also noticed that the pictures they post look like more of some real fun than romantic. Hence, we have come up with a set of 10 pictures that are proof that these two are more of goofy BFFs than a couple. Have a look and dream on:

1. The time they danced and had fun together

sam 1


2. When Chay had equal fun with Sam’s girl gang

sam 2


3. When their vacation included reading books and swimming

sam 3


sam 3a


4. When they denim coordinated

sam nag


5. When all they did was eat

sam 5


6. When the gang had a barbecue party

sam 6


7. When they decorated their Christmas tree together (Missing BFF RN)

sam 7


8. When they went wild and didn’t give a damn!

sam 8


9. When they attended family events of each other

sam 9


10. And when they fell in love!

sam 10

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