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10 Life Lessons To Learn From ‘Bigg Boss’ Contestant Oviya!

Oviya is the best!

Bigg Boss in Tamil has been successfully running ever since day one. If you think that the entire show is working because of Kamal Haasan, you’re wrong. Yes, he is one of the reasons but the concept is new to South and the contestants are quite popular. Oviya, a young actress who debuted in Kollywood through ‘Kalavaani’ is a part of the House and she is now the masses’ hot favorite. Not because of anything else but her nature for being natural. A post is now going viral that talks about “How to live life like Oviya?” and we bring to you those life lessons that Oviya taught us through these weeks of Bigg Boss:


1. Learn to appreciate little things in life and enjoy them to your fullest: from enjoying her morning dances to loving the rain, she knows to enjoy life to the fullest.


2. Believing in yourself: Amidst inferiority and superiority complex, that persists a balance that is Oviya. She balances her emotions and energy right.

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