10 Crazy Things Only Girls Can Relate To!

The list goes on…

We girls do all kind of things to have fun! Sometimes we are completely in the ‘I don’t care’ mood and sometimes we keep a close watch on who’s looking!


Boys and girls are completely different; and when it comes to having fun, it’s way more crazier when it’s a gang of girls. We list out 10 of those that many girls do in their 20s.


  • To be fair, boys and girls equally love selfies! But, bathroom selfies? That one is reserved only for us. Each time we hit the loo, it feels like a duty to take at least 5 selfies in the mirror.


  • We meet our fellow girls with a bang. Have you seen how we jump and scream when we see each other? That’s pure love!


  • If it’s a 500m walk, we make sure we peek into every passing glass door and check how gorgeous we look every second!


  • Not many boys are aware, but we share the details of how you’re on bed with our BFFs! Guys tend to be private about these things with their guy friends but girls believe our best friends deserve to know how you are down there!


  • Nobody will ever understand why we love shopping so much. It makes the world feel beautiful again! So even if it takes the whole day, we gotto get that in our wardrobe no matter what.


  • When it comes to masturbation, many think it’s only reserved to men! Women want it and do it as much as the boys do! No, not embarrassed about it!


  • We love watching porn! What do you think happens during those all girls pyjama parties?


  • If the NIA hired us we would be Sherlock Holmes of 2016! Women are blessed with the 7th sense! We know when you lie!!! Even if we don’t confront you.


  • When we hear you say we’re beautiful, we say,”don’t be generous.” We’re actually thinking, of course, duhhhh!


  • We’re not dying to get married or have babies! That’s one big myth! Not every girls wants to do it!!!


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