Why is the movie Doctor so misogynistic – Read the full story to find out why!

The year 2021, mindset still stone-age!

After a long gap drifted by the second wave of the Coronavirus and theatre restrictions, the movie Doctor was released and gave the Tamil Cinema fans an entertainment candy. This movie stars Priyanka Mohan and Sivakarthikeyan on the lead, directed by Nelson Dilipkumar, and background score by Anirudh. This movie was released on 9th October 2021 and has been doing well in the box office along with positive reviews from fans and critics all over the world. The movie has gained much traction and fan following for its satirical comedy scenes and dialogues by Yogi Babu and Redin Kingsley.

Misogynistic movies are always a part of the Tamil industry and have always tried to prove it time and again. This movie is just another typical example of misogynies portrayed subtly yet expressively even in 2021.

Firstly, they portrayed the male protagonist to be stronger mentally and physically than the female proving the age-old stereotypical taboo that the man is always smarter and the woman is dumb. Can arrogance and standing for yourself go hand in hand? Apparently, for a woman, it can’t go on the same road. The father of the girl behaved like any other stereotypical Indian Dad where he wishes his daughter needs an arrogant man to so call control her when the girl was just voicing out her opinions on the kind of guy she wishes to marry. The male protagonist agrees that he is also an arrogant man thereby moving this toxicity to a next level.

Secondly, it is saddening to see beauty with no brains are still being used as a tool of the taboo of comparison even In this 21st century where women have proved time and again that women can do anything if not even more than any toxic men can even aspire. In this movie, the snarky comment made by the male lead’s mom where if a girl is pretty, she would be dumb, and the rest of the family just stays quiet. It is high time that we realize that it is just not right to cluster women whose opinions are different and not according to the realms of the shells of this misogynistic society and term them as “dumb”. It is degrading to see that women are tearing other women down.

There was one another particular scene that seemed inappropriate and derogatory. Yogi Babu in the movies is a champion of the famous kid’s game – Red Hands and turns undefeated at all times. The punishment of the players losing against him is to dress up as a woman – wearing a nightgown, flower, and a bindi. The fact of dressing up as a woman and being treated as an insult is a long haul of oppression and discrimination in the movies.

This scene has been gaining much tension and protestants among the women organizations as is saddening to see such portrayals and comparisons in a big-star movie even in 2021. This scene was wrong on so many levels. First things first, the base of this scene is that a man being portrayed as a woman in its foundation itself seems like an insult and disgust to a man. As per patriarchal teachings of women being the weaker sex and comparing men to them is straight out injustice done to Men. This kind of feeling is so rooted in our society that we even use words associating women as an insult or a cuss word as a joke or in anger. And this has been till date followed and made as jokes on the big screens as well.

Being a mass entertainer and upholding a power to influence millions, it’s high time the filmmakers jump on the trend of breeding equality and feminism policies in their jokes and creations. Breaking stereotypes is the go rather than instigating new ways to formulate the already existing patriarchy and complementing misogyny. Here’s to hoping to see promising films in the future!

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