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7 Hotels Around The World That Will Just Blow Your Mind!

When you work hard for months and look forward to that perfect vacation, you want to make sure it’s memorable. Your hotel is your home away from home and you must not compromise on the comfort and luxury.

What’s the big deal about the architecture of a hotel? Well when years pass by, you would speak tales of your unusual ice bed or your zoo inspired bedrooms. It’s always a pleasure to spoil yourself with uniqueness and out of the box ambience. We pick out 7 unusual hotels which are sure to give you a distinctive experience.


The ICEHOTEL, Sweden

Let’s just say it’s chilling to even write about this one. Sweden’s ICEHOTEL, built in 1990, is the world’s first ever hotel made out of snow and ice. The architects build it each year and are open from December to April. Applauded as masters of creativity, they make chairs and beds out of snow and ice blocks taken from the Torne River. The hotel invites artists each year to design bedrooms and other spaces with ice. The glasses, plates and just everything around here is icy. Married couples can make their wedding memorable as the hotel has an Ice Chapel, which hosts many weddings each year. The hotel is intact for four months with a temperature of below -5.


The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho USA

If you’re wondering should there be hotels which speak volumes of our love for our pets, then Idaho’s Dog Bark Park Inn is just right. Built in the shape of a cute Beagle, the hotel’s architecture is counted as one of the most unusual designs in the world. It’s a local favourite and is nicknamed Sweet Willy. It’s a two storied structure with bedrooms decorated with dog inspired furnishings and carvings. The hotel was built in 1995 by chainsaw carving specialist couple Dennis and Frances.


Tianzi Hotel, China

Chinese and mythology are two sides of the same coin. The Chinese history has soulfully restored ancient beliefs. Fortune cookies and Fenshui are China’s cultural gift to the modern world. Tianzi Hotel in China is built after deriving inspiration from the deities Fu, Lu and Shou. They are the gods of goof fortune, prosperity and longevity.The symbols on their robes are the windows of the hotel. God Shou welcomes the hotel guests through a door built on his foot. The hotel has a Guinness record of being the world’s biggest image hotel. The ten-story buildingwas built in 2001 and attracts tourists from all over the world for its unique architecture.


V8 Hotel, Germany

Those late Saturday nights and restricted access post a party may have pushed some of us to sleep in our cars. But these adventures will stay with us forever. Just to pamper the automobile luxury and to bring it to your bedroom, V8 Hotel in Germany has constructed car style beds. Made to rev the passion of every car lover, the hotel has been decorated in an all car theme. Some of the decorative and furniture are of real cars. Set in the automotive region of Stuttgart, the hotel’s bedrooms are designed in unique themes like racing and drive-in motives. Constructed with contemporary techniques, the hotel goes just right with the racing competitions held in the vicinity. Sleep inside your favourite car and experience an automotive dream sleep.


Hang Nga Guesthouse, Vietnam

Hang Nga Guesthouse is popularly known as the “Crazy House”. Inspired by nature and eccentricity, the architecture is anything but usual. Non-professional craftsmen were hired to build the structure. Though the design might seem crooked and complex to some, the uniqueness is commendable. Twisted plants, creepers and tree branches appear on the exteriors of the guesthouse. Built in 1990, the structure resembles a Banyan tree which is 5 storeys high. The windows are shaped unevenly and the building has been also called ‘The Fairy Tale’ house. Every bedroom is themed on animals; tiger, eagle, kangaroo and ant rooms too. Though it may seem bizarre to some, the guesthouse has been very popular among tourists.


Bubble Tree, France

Living life in a bubble is no theory anymore! French architects have quite literally brought the phrase to life. The Bubble Tree hotel in Marseille is one of the most unusual architectural designs the world has witnessed. Simple yet intriguing, the hotel’s rooms are made of clear and transparent bubbles. Bedrooms are made inside huge plastic globes. The motive behind the Bubble rooms was to live among the natures green wonders in the day and starry skies during the nights. Guests seeking privacy during the night have options of having the bubble covered. Each room is inclusive of telescopes for the benefit of stargazers. Built in 2010, the adventurers are flocking the hotel in huge numbers.


Capsule Hotel, Netherlands

From Bubbles to Capsules, architects have gone to extreme limits in the architectural world. Capsule Hotel n Hague, Netherlands, is remade into rooms which were oil-rig survivor pods. It may not be a very glamourous design but unusual, yes it is!Constructed out of abandoned survival capsules, the rooms are cosy with mini bars, mini libraries and a mini bed. Whenever you want to escape from reality, this decade old hotel will be just the right get away.