5 Reasons We Love Vasanthi from 36 Vayadhinile!

Redefining the essence of being a woman.

Vasanthi, played by Jyothika, is a working woman, married and has a daughter. She keeps the needs of the family first and then thinks about herself. She is the quintessential mother and wife, who would go to any lengths to make her family happy. 36 Vayadhinle was a relatable film to many women, all those who have prioritized their family over themselves and their dreams. The movie gave all these women a tale that they can relate to. Remade into Tamil from a Malayalam film titled How Old Are You starring Manju Warrier, this movie is one of the favourite women-led movies of this time. Here are 5 reasons we love the character of Vasanthi from 36 Vayadhinile:

1.She decides to take matters into her own hands, and writes her narrative 

She decided to put out a video on Facebook herself where she told everyone what she went through. She has no fear of judgment and that whoever wishes to make comments can go ahead, that she has moved past it all.

2.She turns entrepreneur and employs all women, empowering them. 

She was passionate about growing vegetables in her kitchen garden when these vegetables reached the tables of a big business, he placed an order for his daughter’s wedding. She decides to take it up and comes up with a plan to involve other housewives in growing organic vegetables in their terrace gardens. 

3.She proves that it’s never too late to start fresh.

When she starts a new business venture on her own at the age of 36, she proves to everyone around her that nothing is impossible. Age is not a factor to hold you back. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. 

4.She decides to pursue her dreams and be an inspiration to all women around her, especially her daughter. 

When her husband returns from Ireland only to take her back because he and her daughter need her there, she refuses to follow. She has been given a new lease on life and feels a sense of great fulfillment at that. When he blackmails her saying that her daughter needs her, she gives him a fitting reply. She wants to become a woman that her daughter is inspired by, to follow her dreams and passions and not sacrifice it all. 

5.She turns her ‘ lowest’ point into her ‘starting’ point. 

When her husband and daughter leave her back in India and move to Ireland to follow their respective dreams, she is dejected. But she turns a new leaf and decides to flip her situation. She forges a new identity for herself, of a strong, independent woman who is ready to take risks and live her life to the fullest. 


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